What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a sign that the skin is dehydrated, lacking in moisture or has low sebum production. This contributes to the skin becoming more fragile and losing its elasticity. Dry skin can feel very tight, especially after cleansing your face. Dry skin can also result in it becoming scaly, rough and sometimes even itchy. These problems tend to occur particularly during the winter months as the air tends to be significantly drier both indoors and outdoors.

Characteristics of dry skin

    • More fragile & loses elasticity
    • Scaly, rough, cracking & itching
    • Low sebum production, which contributes to dryness & lack of moisture

Why do I get dry skin?

The cause of dry skin is when the top layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) becomes damaged or dehydrated. This may be due, for example, to lower production of sebum, the substance produced by the hair follicles that helps keep the skin soft. Dry skin can also be caused by external factors that damage the protective layer of sebum and cause fluid to evaporate from the skin. The most common reasons for this are exposure to too much sun, water, wear and tear, chemicals or in some cases heredity.

External factors

      • UV radiation: a stressor for the skin that can cause dehydration
      • Water: Too much water intake dries out the skin and removes fat and moisture.
      • Extreme temperatures can stress the skin
      • Inappropriate skin care routine
      • Unhealthy lifestyle

Internal factors

      • Age-related skin dryness
      • Hormonal fluctuations
      • Psychological causes

Skin care for dry skin

For those who suffer from dry skin, it is important to use skincare products that are adapted for this particular skin type. Since dry skin indicates a lack of moisture, it is important to use skincare that moisturizes and does not dry out the skin. Therefore, it is of great importance to use ph-balanced cleansing that helps to gradually restore your own protection and balance to your skin. To counteract the dry patches, we recommend a soft exfoliation once a week, which helps the skin to better absorb subsequent products. To add additional moisture, it is of course important to use a moisturizing face cream. And just as with your cleansing products, it is essential to choose a face cream that is adapted to dry skin and does not contain perfumes or dyes that may irritate the skin.

Skin care routine for dry skin – Step by step

1. cleaning
To combat dry skin, always start and end the day by cleansing your face to exfoliate dead skin cells, sweat and other dirt. Dry skin is fragile and therefore needs gentle cleansing products, preferably oil-based products. What is important to remember is not to wash your skin too often, and especially not with too hot water as heat and water are dehydrating.

2. toner
Then follow up with facial toner. This is because the toner has a cleansing effect, which means that it complements the facial cleanser and removes residual makeup and dirt left after cleansing. In addition, the toner has a nurturing effect that both moisturizes and prepares the skin for the subsequent skincare product.

3. eye cream
Just like other skin types, the eye area needs moisture. Especially for those with dry skin where fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear. These lines are often dryness lines and are reduced when using a moisturizing and nourishing eye cream.

4. Humidification
Then make sure to restore the skin’s moisture balance with a nutritious and nourishing face cream. This helps to restore elasticity and a much more even tone to the skin. During the winter months when it is colder, your skin tends to react more easily to cold and dry weather and may therefore be in need of extra oily face cream (CERAMIDE CREAM) To generate the best results, moisturizing should be done in two steps. First with a serum that deeply moisturizes the dehydrated skin. This is followed by an oily face cream (preferably oil-based-CERAMIDE CREAM), which ensures that the upper layers of the skin are moisturized as effectively as possible. By using this routine morning and evening on a daily basis, you will gradually achieve softer and smoother skin.

5. Facial mist for that little extra
Last but not least, we recommend keeping a face mist close at hand. A mist provides instant hydration and is great to keep in your handbag, at your computer or when you are traveling. Our facial mist from RNW can be used on both naked and chiseled skin, so you can always refresh your skin when needed.