Do you have a keen interest in skincare like us? Is there anything better than a working skincare routine that gives you healthy skin? We don’t think so! A good skincare routine, tailored to your skin type, will go a long way. But we want to go one step further and share the very latest in world-leading skincare. Therefore, you will find the very latest in Korean skincare and K-beauty with us!

But what is K-beauty?

K-beauty has become a major trend in the skincare world, which is no surprise! Korean skincare, or K-beauty as it is also known, has been responsible for major innovations in skincare and cosmetics such as: sheet masks, essence, BB cream and cushion foundations. A big reason why K-beauty has become so popular with consumers is that Korean brands are developing and improving their products at a rapid pace. They have the very latest technology and are constantly researching new innovative solutions to everyday skin problems. Incidentally, the ingredients in Korean skincare are unusual to say the least compared to what we in the West are used to. But by testing new natural combinations not possible for Western brands, they have come up with amazing Korean skincare products. Just the fact that many of the ingredients in K-beauty products are natural makes it even more of a reason for you to give it a try!

RNW – Renew Your Skin

One of many Korean skincare brands that have recently entered the Western market is RNW. RNW is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in restoring the skin’s original power. By studying the inflammatory process that can occur in the skin and the causes of premature aging, a unique formula has been developed. Using this formula, RNW has made it possible to create a completely original skincare range based on the latest technology and solid research. The uniqueness of RNW’s skincare is that they have developed a completely unique formula with the patented ingredient Celederm. Today’s way of life disrupts the skin’s own barriers, making it sensitive and extra susceptible to external influences. Celederm is designed to protect the skin from the outside and strengthen it from the inside by soothing the skin and restoring its natural balance. In other words, the best of both worlds! A skincare routine based on RNW products will help you strengthen and repair naturally. Created and developed using the very latest technology, we can safely say that it is an innovation in skincare. Everyone benefits from healthy skin, both inside and out. If you know someone who you think is in need of an updated skincare routine, please share our post with your friends and family! Shared joy is double joy.

If you want to know more about K-beauty or RNW, we welcome your questions and concerns. If nothing else, follow us for more news on Korean skincare and K-beauty.

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